SR Capital

At SR Capital, we know our investors are people – not just a number.

While there are many investment options within the real estate market, SR Capital provides a single point of difference – we combine the head and the heart.

Our financial aptitude achieves excellent financial returns while our passion results in iconic real assets that make communities proud.

Our investors benefit from more than financial returns – something bigger. They help enhance better places, spaces and neighbourhoods. Funds provide the necessary capital to help create built forms that accentuate the natural environment and create a central heart within the community. These are structures focused on placemaking, adding to the experience and interaction of local inhabitants and visitors alike.

VIG Asset Management Limited
ACN 102 999 717
AFSL/ACL 225 867

Silk Road Funds Management Pty Ltd
ACN 611 303 793
Authorised Representative Number: 124 0290

SR Capital Global Pty Ltd
ACN 602 683 456
Authorised Representative Number: 127 4542

Our Core Values


We build strong relationships with our clients based on honest communication and shared values. We take the time to get to know you, your business and your social needs, in order to deliver the best investment opportunities possible.


We are always searching for value and ways to grow our clients’ wealth. We also understand our responsibilities as investors and ensure our investments and our actions incorporate best practice in accordance to the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria.


When it comes to your money, trust is everything. That’s why we’ll always be upfront and honest, providing our investors with Australian real estate opportunities that we know will deliver strong risk-adjusted returns.

Corporate Ethos

SR Capital is an homage to the ancient East-West trading route, Silk Road. The concept of trading commerce, products and knowledge is revived by opening opportunities for individuals and corporations to invest and trade in the Australian real estate market.